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High Performance Pressure Regulator

OBS Model/Part no.: RPL-X14

The patented pressure sensing system ensures precise control and high flow capacity. The regulator is compatible with all common water and oil based hydraulic fluids and is available for controlled pressures up to 900 barg and differential pressures up to 300 bar. The regulator incorporates a variable geared adjustment mechanisms that reduces the required operating torque over the operating range.

• Hydraulic power units
• WOCS (Workover control systems)
• Liquid sampling

Product data sheet

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Technical specifications

– Maximum inlet pressure: 1035 barg
– Controlled pressure range: 50 – 370 barg, 50 – 690 barg or 50 – 900 barg
– Differential pressure up to 300 bar
– Nominal / maximum intermittent flow: 10 lpm / 25 lpm