RPL-B Back Pressure Series

Product Data Sheet

These back pressure reducing regulators have excellent repeatability of set pressure and are available with several pressure-ranges.

Our RPL-B-series incorporates OBS Technology’s patented pressure sensing element, enabling precise pressure control and instant high flow above the relief pressure. Due to the same mechanism, the sealing efficiency of the valve increases with increasing pressure until set release pressure is reached.

The RPL-BP regulators are suitable for all common water and oil based hydraulic fluids and the internal materials are compatible with most oilfield injection chemicals.

RPL-B17 can be delivered assembled with our actuator SXX-A01 for remote operation.


  • Chemical injection systems
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Test rigs
  • Liquid sampling

For inquiries  or service and repair of these regulators, please send request to info@obstechnology.no.

Additional information

Technical specifications

– Pressure rating: 345 barg
– Back pressure range: 10 – 320 barg
– Flow rate: max 20 l/min (water at 20°C)
– Pressure housing in Duplex Stainless Steel
– Available for NPT or Autoclave connections (other on request)