HC4-High Capacity Gas Pressure Controller

Product Data Sheet

OBS Model/Part no.: RPG-HC4-F-T-300

The RPG-HC4 controls a downstream gas pressure and is capable of supplying a large volume of gas in order to sustain a set pressure level in the recipient. The regulator is most commonly used in off-shore fire water systems in which the RPG-HC4 maintains pressure and flow while the fire water pumps start up.

For inquiries  or service and repair of these regulators, please send request to info@obstechnology.no.

Additional information

Technical specifications

– Pressure rating: 210 barg
– Controlled pressure range (preset): 4 – 10 barg
– Capacity: up to 4000 normal litres per second for supply pressures > 180 barg
– Body material: Titanium gr. 2