HPR-08 Pneumatic High Performance Pressure Regulator

Product data sheet

OBS Model/Part no.: RPG-H08-M-D-P300 /RPG-H08-M-S-P300

OBS Model/Part no RPG-H08 are a high performance servo controlled pressure reducer valve designed to provide a well stabilized LP outlet pressure of gas delivered from a HP gas reservoir (max 300 bar).

In the standard versions, LP outlet pressure can be preset from 4 to 18 bar for the RPG-H08.

For inquiries  or service and repair of these regulators, please send request to info@obstechnology.no.

Additional information

Technical specifications

• Pressure rating: 300 barg
• Outlet pressure: 4 – 18 barg (preset)
• Duplex casing (other materials on request)
• Flow rate: 6500 normal liters per minute at 12 bar