RFL-F Flow Control Series

Product data sheet

OBS Model/Part no.: RFL-F13, RFL-F14 and RFL-F18

RFL-F-P04-MA-IOM for RFL-F13 & F14

RFL-F18-P04-MA-IOM 00-00178

The RFL-F-series of flow controllers covers a wide range of flow rates and the patented flow control principle ensures a constant flow rate independent of upstream or downstream pressure variations. The RFL-F is ideal for applications with limited or no downstream pressure control, e.g. for chemical injection.

For inquiries  or service and repair of these regulators, please send request to info@obstechnology.no.


  • Oilfield chemical injection systems
  • All applications requiring precise flow control

Additional information

Technical specifications

– Pressure rating: 345 bar
– Flow rate: 0.1 l/hour to 60 l/hour (water at 20°C)
– Pressure housing in Duplex Stainless Steel
– Main valve body in Titanium gr. 5
– Available for NPT or Autoclave connections (other on request)