Product data sheet

OBS Model/Part no.: SXX-A01

The SXX-A01 actuator / remote controller allows OBS’ line of hydraulic regulators to be remotely operated and adjusted. Featuring a multitude of communication protocols and a versatile set of commands, the actuator is compatible with all major industry standard control systems. Features such as automatic calibration sequence, retaining calibration and settings in the event of a power failure and the ability to still operate the regulator / valve manually and locally makes the SXX-A01 a convenient addition to any compatible OBS regulator. The actuator is designed and certified for operation in potentially hazardous EX-environments.


  • Remote control for OBS RPL series and RFL series regulators in
    • Hydraulic Power Units
    • Chemical injection systems
    • Liquid sampling
    • Test rigs



Additional information

Technical specifications

• Designed for OBS pressure controllers, back pressure regulators and flow control regulators
• Self-calibrating
• ATEX zone 1 EXde
• IP 65
• MODbus. Option: Industrial Ethernet, Profibus
• 4 – 20 mA / 0 – 10 V with HART Protocol 7.1
• Retains calibration and settings upon power failure
• Local and manual operation of regulators possible