About us

  • We specialize in innovative solutions for pressure and flow control of gases and liquids, mainly for the oil and gas industry. Our regulators are widely known as state of the art with respect to functionality, reliability and durability. A wide range of regulators and controllers are available, covering a multitude of media, pressures and flow rates.
  • We take pride in developing, manufacturing and testing our products to the highest quality standards. We strive to ensure that our high standards with respect to precision, workmanship, materials, cleanliness and repeatability is maintained throughout the delivery chain – from our suppliers to our customers. OBS Technology is an ISO 9001-certified company.

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  • In March 2016 OBS Technology AS was undergoing a restructuring. In connection with this, we created a new manufacturing company, OBS Nova AS, and products and services are now delivered by this organisation name.

    Our company was established in 1984 under the name “Ottestad Breathing Systems AS”. The main focus during the first years of operation was development and design of deep sea diving breathing equipment. With the advent of Remotely Operated Vehicles (“ROVs”) in the early nineties, the marked for deep sea diving apparatuses vanished. Our focus shifted to providing innovative hydraulic and pneumatic solutions for the defense, aerospace and oil and gas industries. We worked closely with our customers to solve their issues, which lead to numerus novel solutions and new technologies, many of which are patented.

    We continue to develop new and innovative solutions and products.